Episode 9

Published on:

10th Nov 2023

Alabama Football Week Ten Bama 42 - LSU 28

Join Amber, Wild Bill & Josh as they discuss the Alabama LSU game that Alabama won 42 to 28 at home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama! 

Prediction winner for the week: Austin Dash (40-20)

Show notes:

The Major development from the LSU game is the evolution of Jalen Milroe and Tommy Reese. They’ve both made strides since the Texas game, NO DOUBT! Tommy has been limited by Jalen’s confidence and growth but they are coming along nicely with each week that goes by. 

The O line had a more competitive game! The WR group is getting very dangerous! Milroe and the RB group put some teams on notice! Terrion Arnold’s interception broke Bryant Denny’s decibel record! Will Reichart has the most points by a Kicker in CFB history by hitting 500 points during the game! This and much more in this week's episode!

Looking ahead:

Coach Saban about the University of Kentucky: “Kentucky is completely different than LSU. Wildcats are tough, physical and well-coached. UK offense is tough and explosive!”


Amber - 52-10

Josh - 45-17

Wild Bill - 38-14

Quincy - 55-13

Austin - 42-14

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